Contemporary Wooden Doors

The celebration of the design of the architecture in the modern homes of today brings the unique design of the Wood Contemporary doors.

Simple yet powerful in this simplicity, the doors spring from innovations in the creation of alternative compositions. The Mahogany door creates the Classic touch to bring the permanence in the excellence in the new modern homes.

contemporary wooden mahogany double doors with frosted glass inserts, and frosted glass sidelites

Adding to the innovation of the modern doors is the different availability of new compositions hardware.

The hardware is manufactured to the required size and style that will best fit the door in accordance with the costumer’s taste.

Slick oversized Pulls with matching handles dress the contemporary wood doors.

At Sabana Windows the design team caters to the specific taste and imagination of the homeowner or the architect, creating the exact look desired with perfect functionality, thus creating a perfect enhancement of the modern home.

The metal mechanic shop at the Sabana factory is challenged with every new design, the forging and machining is done with excellence in Metal craftsmanship.

The exactness in the manufacturing of the Exterior Mahogany Contemporary door is crafted with State-of-the-Art technology and superb craftsmanship.

The Mahogany doors created in the required design are Impact rated and are built in accordance to the codes and the units tested to withstand Hurricanes. The doors are finished with Sickens and custom stained or painted in accordance to the desired color.

Our capable team will work together with the costumer creating shop drawings that are altered as many times as it is required to achieve the perfect design outcome.

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