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Springing from an era of uncompromising respect for strength and beauty. the doors of the past centuries in Europe and in the Americas have inspired the classical vintage Mahogany Entry doors manufactured by SABANA. 
The surface of the wood in these unique compositions is hand distressed keeping the unique hand-made construction of the original doors.
Bringing excellence in carpentry craftsmanship and superior metal mechanic fabrication of the exquisite vintage handles, pulls, straps, grills, and hinges are of paramount importance to the composition of the Vintage doors, The handles are forged and hammered utilizing the same manner of construction of those manufactured in past centuries. Often dressed with hand-hammered “Clavos” and Straps that dress the surface of these doors bringing the strength and the classical compositions that have celebrated the fine carpentry of the original doors. 
These doors are constructed in 3 1/2″ thick and built to meet the existing codes for hurricane protection. utilizing Genuine Honduras Mahogany or Teak the doors are a true addition to the Bellini Classical Vintage doors.
The French traditional casement windows are an integral part of the architecture of Europe for many centuries past. at Bellini, we have designed the windows to respect the exquisite composition of these majestic representations of fine carpentry. 
Utilizing classical “Cremone Bolts ” hardware designed and manufactured in our factory and unique stout and beautiful “Paumelle” Hinges.  The Frankfurt  7″. 9″ and 12″Paumelle hinges are constructed with a 3/4″ diameter barrel and a finial that is machined into this body. The wings of the hinges are designed to fit into the American standard 4″ x 4″ or the 4 1/2′ x4 1/2′ These hinges have been tested to resist the strongest manifestations of mother nature and they truly bring an exact design match, beauty, and strength to the composition of the Vintage Doors. Speakeasy windows in these doors are fitted with specifically designed grills that are the correct matching complement to the character of the doors.
The Mahogany Casement Windows are a celebration of excellence in fine architectural craftsmanship. this exclusive and unique specialty hardware is designed with the utmost respect for the hardware that still today amazes the world. 
 The windows have been tested to comply with the Hurricane codes achieving the highest pressure in the world market for a wood window. The Bellini Traditional Vintage doors and windows are tested for water infiltration, forced entry, Impact, and hurricane cycling. The Glass utilized in the windows and doors is impact-rated or impact-rated insulated, thus allowing the total protection of the residence or business from the most extreme element of the weather or from attempted forced entry.
Our capable and professional design team creates new compositions of Doors and windows to match the exact requirements of the residence. A true Synergie between the Customer, architect, and our team will assure the composition that will enhance and bring timeless beauty to the home.

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