Sabana Windows

Custom Mahogany Windows and Front Mahogany Entrance French Doors

The Sabana Windows and the Sabana Mahogany Entrance Doors, Mahogany Carved Exterior doors, Mahogany Gate Doors , Mahogany Custom Entry Doors, Mahogany Interior Doors, Mahogany Casement Windows and Mahogany French Exterior Doors are custom manufactured to fit the specific design and shape that will best fit the residence.

Custom Design Mahogany Entry Doors and Windows Miami

The Sabana Windows and the Sabana Doors uses only the finest Honduras Mahogany wood, "Swetenia Macrophilia", procured from responsible production forests, in accordance with the principles and standards of sustained yield management.

Tested and approved for the strictest codes of Hurricane Impact resistance, the French Casement Windows, Mahogany Entrance Doors, and the Mahogany exterior French Doors celebrate the perfect balance of "Excellence in Old World Craftsmanship" and "State of the Art" manufacturing.

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mahogany windows

Mahogany Windows

Springing from an era of respect for elegance and beauty, Sabana Windows are tested for hurricanes and come with impact laminated glass or with laminated insulated glass. The "3 point Sabana hardware" and exclusive "Sabana cremone bolt hardware" or traditional "Sabana handles", make "Sabana windows" an exercise of excellence in fine architectural design and perfect function ability.
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mahogany entrance doors

Mahogany Entry Doors

Finished with Sikkens high resistance exterior varnish and pre-hung with exclusive "Sabana multi point hardware", "Sabana pulls" and "Sabana handles" , "Sabana doors" are the most unique traditional impact mahogany front doors in the market today. Tested for the most extreme weather conditions, Sabana impact entry doors are a statement of timeless elegance.
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mahogany french door

Sabana French Doors

Utilizing select Genuine Honduras Mahogany, the doors are manufactured with precise machining and superior craftsmanship. Fitted with Impact resistant or insulated laminated glass the doors are activated with multipoint locking systems that are engaged with custom designed Sabana hardware.

The Sabana Mahogany French doors with superior design and excellence in architectural composition brings beauty and strength to the residence.

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mahogany gate

Sabana Gates & Sabana Garage Doors

Manufactured in 3 1/2" thick genuine Honduras Mahogany, procured from responsibly controlled forests, The Sabana Gate doors are fitted with unique custom manufactured Sabana Hardware.

The existing Garage doors are dressed with solid mahogany cladding, that creates the perfect match to the exterior Mahogany doors.

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The hardware manufactured for the Sabana Winwows and the Sabana Doors is designed to meet the specific strength and composition of the exterior doors and traditional French impact windows.

All "Sabana Hardware" is unique in its opulent and perfect design.
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