Priscila Door

Priscila Door

The simple yet Dynamic composition of the 2 panel door brings elegance and visual strength to the residence.
The 2 1/2″ door has superimposed moldings that frame the panels. The door is manufactured with select grade , Genuine Honduras Mahogany that is taken from responsible controlled forests. Each tree of mahogany used in the plant is replaced with 5 new planted trees, thus assuring the replenishing of the forest with this unique and precious lumber.

The door has been tested for water Infiltration , Forced entry and Hurricane impact cycling. Code approved to withstand the fiercest manifestations of the weather.

Operated with Custom Wrought Iron “Trudy” handles and engaged with a multi Bolt security locking system.

Sabana Windows has manufactured doors with excellence in architectural craftsmanship since 1992. The Custom Wood Doors are fitted in homes across the United States and the Caribbean Islands bringing elegance and protection to the residence.

The metal Mechanic plant at Sabana has created the most unique and beautiful selection of handles, Pulls, Straps, and Hinges that are designed to fit the composition
of the exclusive Custom Wood Door.

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