Pompano – Mahogany Gate Door

Pompano – Mahogany Gate Door


The elliptical top Vertical plank, "Mahogany Gate Doors" are designed as an invitation to the entrance doors that follow after the patio. These Gate Doors are a full 3 1/2" thick and are fitted with "FELINI" wrought iron Pulls.

The Doors are dressed with decorative nails and hung on GRS BRICKEL heavy "Paumelle" hinges. A simple key drum operates a security multi – bolt locking mechanism.

Since 1992, the BELLINI MASTERCRAFT door ismanufactured with superior craftsmanship. The uncompromising dedication of the manufacturing plant, the design team and the customer service makes the doors the best option for the protection and enhancement of the home.


Width: 72"
Height: 120"
Thickness: 3 1/2"