La Gorce – Wrought Iron Sand Cast

La Gorce – Wrought Iron Sand Cast


The wrought iron sand cast levers and plates, are unique in the strength, visual composition and functionality.
Designed match the sturdy aesthetics and thick oversized "Mahogany Front Doors" The LA GORCE BELLINI wrought iron sand cast forged levers and plates will make the correct enhancement of the Wood Front doors in any home.
The plate is 1/2" thick, 2" wide and 13" height. The Lever Handle at 1 1/2" thick and 5" long is a perfect match for the plate.
Finished in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Flat Black and antique brass.


Plate Width: 2 1/4"
Plate Height: 13"
Level Thickness 1 1/2"
Level Length: 5"

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