El Venado Mahogany Casement Windows

El Venado Mahogany Casement Windows


Manufactured for the West Palm Beach estate of “El Venado” the Mahogany casement Window is an exercise of fine craftsmanship and structural architectural perfection.

Manufactured with 1/2" laminated impact glass the Double casement, Mahogany Window is operated with 2 “Cremone bolts” that activates a 3 point hidden locking Mechanism in the active sash. A separate 2 point hidden locking mechanism in the in-active sash of the Mahogany Windows.

Both sashes open completely with no mullion in the middle.


Width: 42"
Height: 54”
Thickness: 2 3/4"


Tested for forced entry, water infiltration, Impact, and Hurricane cycling to minus 90 psf. The Impact Mahogany Casement windows are rated as the strongest Wood Window in the market today.

The same Strength and integrity in the composition and manufacturing of the Impact Wood Windows that protects the Coastal Homes and the Caribbean Islands, will also protect the homes in the mainland from extreme cold weather by using laminated Insulated Glass. The Impact Mahogany Casement Windows are a strong deterrent from any noise or attempted forced entry.

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